Imbued in the idealism of Gandhi, a hard working, dedicated and staunch person Mohanlal Jain was the inspiration for the foundation of Bhagirathi Seva Pranyas. His long era of social service began with the independence revolution and continued by working in diverse fields like education, prosperity of society, Harijan Seva, protest against alcohol, encouraging employment and teaching moral values; thus creating a golden history.

After the independence of India he channeled all his energy towards the development of the new generation. He founded many schools like Bal Mandir which was based on Montessori teaching, Balika Vidyalaya for improvement in the field of education for girls and Bapa Seva Sadan for Harijan children, thus spreading value education in the areas of Bikaner and Churu, where education was close to nil before. This resulted in a wave of establishment of several Bal Mandir schools and thus creating a tremendous positive environment for value education. Working on the prosperity of the Harijan was one of the dearest fields in which Mohan Bhai loved to serve. He developed several Harijan colonies and launched a full-fledged revolution against untouchablility towards Harijans. One of the greatest examples of his dedication towards his work is given by the conversion of a small Harijan colony Vardasar to an ideal-village for Harijan with the development of houses and clean environment for the Harijans living there. Furthermore, he was one of the progenitors of the school, Gandhi Vidya Mandir. Working endlessly on taking the organization from its creation to self-dependence, what made Mohan Bhai distinct was his unusual habit of never taking a position in any organization for more than 10 years. Whenever the organization became self-dependent, he left it to be taken care of by his fellow workers and went on to dedicate his zealous energy towards another task for his country. It is this unparalleled single-minded dedication of Mohan Bhai that all these organizations stand on the strong foundation today.  

Mohan Bhai joined the Anuvrat Movement in 1972. He was blessed with the holy presence of Acharya Tulsi and his full support and trust. With the foundation of ‘Bhartiya Sanskar Nirman Samiti’ Mohan Bhai did extensive traveling, foot journeys, and spreading awareness among the common people as his strong and creative contribution toward the ‘Anuvrat Movement’. In 1982, Mohan Bhai established Anuvrat Vishwa Bharti on a lonely hill, near the Famous Rajsamand Lake about 65km away from Udaipur. This is where he began his dream project ‘Balodaya’ which was based on the scientific and psychological method of education for children. Today ‘Balodaya’ is known worldwide for it’s creative and gentle transformation of education.  

Mohan Bhai faced struggle and resistance throughout his life but he never complained and enjoyed all the struggles his life had to offer. In contrary to the pattern in his life of struggle and resistance when Mohan Bhai was honored with the prestigious ‘Anuvrat Award’ he accepted it with simple honesty and grace under the presence of ‘Acharya Shree Tulsi’. Thanking for the award in a speech Mohan Bhai said, “All the work that I have achieved till today is all credited to the silent contributions, sacrifices, and dedication of my wife. Hence I dedicate this award to her and create a trust with the award money that will acknowledge such silent contributions of dedicated wives each year.” He then invited Bhagirathi to the dais and gave her the award money adding one rupee from his side. On the night of 26th June 1997 Bhagirathi took her last breath with Mohan Bhai sitting by her side. Before Mohan Bhai could overcome his grief over losing her, Mohan Bhai received the grievous news of passing away of Shri Acharya Tulsi. This all was too much to take for Mohan Bhai and he felt like a lost ship in stormy seas.  

Always looking on the positive side of every problem Mohan Bhai rose above his grief with a newly energized fervor for the betterment of the new generation. Honoring his deep respect for Acharya Tulsi and Bhagirathi he took Bhagirathi Seva Pranyas and ‘Balodaya’ as his ambition of life. Bhagirathi Seva Pranyas comprises of many efforts like Bachchon Ka Desh, Sambal and Kasturba Gandhi Seva Puraskar. The Government of India has recognized the services of Mohan Bhai by honoring him with Rajiv Gandhi Seva Award and Gandhi Seva Award.