Bãl Sambal is an ambitious effort in the direction of creating an India where no child is deprived of his or her right to a childhood. Where no child has to go without food, education and guidance. Where no child is ever left without a future.

We believe children are the future of this country.But with so many children left uneducated and malnourished, have you ever wondered what our future will be like and how India can ever be a developed country?

Freedom Fab outfits are made purely from cotton and woven in a small town called Bardasar, in Rajasthan. Freedom Fab thus creates significant employment and development in this small town of weavers, besides bringing you a trendy collection of outfits.

Today, it is very important to look good and feel good to cope with the rush of day-to-day activites. Freedom Fab creates excellent quality garments that not just make you look good, but also bring you the satisfaction of contributing to the development of rural villages of our country.

Children are the future of our country. In this fast-moving age filled with overburdened school bags, video games, television and technology, our children may fail to understand and prioritize the most important things in life. We need to provide them with sound morals and values, inculcating our culture and tradition in their lives and philosophies.

Bachchon Ka desh is a monthly Hindi magazine for children, which has been in publication for over nine years now. It is a tireless effort to reach as many children as possible through interesting and educational stories, inspiring historical events, puzzles, comics and competitions. The idea is to impart positive and moral values in a simple, fun manner.

Bachchon ka Desh is a completely non-profitable initiative, pursued passionately to make it every child's best friend, and help kids grow into sensitive, aware and>intelligentindividuds,and good human  beings.