Bhagirathi Devi Jain:
Kasturba Gandhi Award is inspired by the memories of late Bhagirathi Devi Jain. Bhagirathi was born in a prosperous and eminent family of the town. When she married Mohan Bhai, she committed her whole life to social service in accord with her husband. Back then the environment was very conservative and Bhagirathi brought forward many new facets of development and progress at that time.

She went against the ‘Purdah Pratha’ and encouraged all females to come out of purdah. She herself started wearing Khadi to support her husband and his cause. She fought against untouchability and welcomed the so-called untouchables to her home. She was elected as the municipality head and she contributed towards the development of the town. She donated all her jewellery till the last piece for the cause of social welfare and collected donations for self-dependence of many destitute people and all this she did at a time when it was impossible for any female to even think of stepping out of her house without purdah and doing these things.

Many a times, she also had to face struggle and contempt from the people of the town, but she never gave up, never back-tracked her steps. She walked shoulder-to-shoulder, step-to-step with Mohan Bhai in all his endeavors and presented an exemplary example of selflessness and dedication toward social service. The life of Mohan Bhai and Bhagirathi is deeply influenced and somewhat parallel to the lives of Mahatma Gandhi and Kasturba in many ways. A trust established in the memories of Bhagirathi is working on social welfare causes like child and women development, rural welfare and value education today.